Me and My Pal Frank

Chuck had his last day at the Base on Friday. But he started the day with a phone interview for a short-term tech contract in Austin. They met all of his criteria for such a gig, so he told the recruiter they could submit him to the state agency that was looking for a data conversion programmer.

I found myself really elated by this prospect.  Chuck said it was what he “asked for” but he didn’t think it would show up so fast.  We planned how we would manage the car, who he might live with, and how four months of work could buy us eight months of living expenses.  Of course, we always make these kind of plans in these situations, like having the car paid off before Chuck left the Base, like waiting until my lease was up before I moved in (was that 11 years ago?), mapping out furniture arrangements before we actually move into a new apartment–our “plans” never, ever work out–but they keep our brains busy and make us feel better.

Another thing that I said was, “It would really solve a lot of problems.”  But after I gave it more thought, the only problem that we have right now, is my fear about unknown income sources.  My head is completely OK with our new economy, but clearly I have some major wires that are still coded in the old economy.

I don’t think it is possible for me at this moment not to worry about it.  So, I’m accepting that my fear about money is going to be around a while.  And since we are going to be together–I didn’t say friends–my pal should have a name–Frank.

I’m going to keep on eye on Frank and hopefully he doesn’t cause to much trouble.  Things like fraud on now two of my bank accounts, I’m probably going to blame on Frank.  And while I acknowledge that Frank is probably going to be around for a while, it doesn’t mean that I have to talk to him.  For now, I’m going to let him sit quietly in the corner.

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