The Invisible Bridge

My head believes in the Invisible Bridge–that wonderful bridge that connects me to the Universe and allows my needs to be met if “Do the Work” and “Follow the Connections.”  But it is clear that my body needs to see and feel the bridge below my feet.  I hate admitting that I’m not evolved enough to really know that all of my needs will be met as I step out past pay checks.

I want to keep this blog real and on track about my journey of making my living from my art and being abundant, but I just couldn’t write about my discomfort anymore.  So, here are the cliff notes of the last week (with a happy ending) instead:

Week ago Thursday – Meltdown
Week ago Friday – Decided that the fear is getting in the way of making art, so it is
better idea to get job
Last Saturday – Connected with the employer that I solved the money problem with a previous time that Chuck quit his job and started sending out resumes locally
Last Monday – Changed my mind about the previous employer because I feared getting sucked into making enough money and losing my art more than not having money.  Sent out a couple more resumes locally
Tuesday and Wednesday – More unproductive time not making art
Thursday – Interview for a local part-time job doing light accounting, excel, access, and organizing — all the things that I want in a money job right now!
Friday – Start part-time job

I cannot solve all of our near future money needs with this one part-time job, so maybe one foot is on the visible bridge while the other is on the invisible one.  That is all I can do right now.  I feel like this part of the equation is resolved and my mind is clear to make art.  This blog needs some art postings!!

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