I rediscovered spaciousness in the studio this week. I have always been attracted to small spaces. I think it may have something to do with the organizational challenge of making it functional.

I have recently moved into a new space in my building. I was trying to solve some of the weather challenges of my current space and thought that it was going to be a this OR that choice. But it ended up being a this AND that choice.

The new space on the 2nd floor is my dry studio. I have moved my sewing machine, cutting, ironing, and painting stations. As well as carved out a space for an office. The new space has amazing light (except for a couple of hours in the late afternoon when it is a little too amazing–but I’ve got a solution for that!) and is well air-conditioned.

The old space on the 3rd floor is my wet studio that I use for dying fabric, storage, frame-making preparing food and coffee, and journaling. As I used the big empty spot yesterday to work with my dyes, I marveled at how it felt to be in spaciousness.

This week, I’ve also felt spacious with my time. My metronome schedule with my day job has changed as my carpooling schedule with my husband’s new contract has changed. Instead of working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday–were I was always one day from the studio and helped me a lot to be more present–I’m working 10 hours each on Wednesday and Thursday.

The new schedule gives me a lot more time consecutively which makes dying fabric easier and it feels like I have more time in the studio.

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