Energy Awareness

No, this isn’t a blog post about turning down your thermostat!  This is a blog post about my appreciation for learning how to use my awareness of my energy to guide me.  Today, I was noticing that my energy was a little low and that I was dithering a lot.  These are classic signs that I’m in fear mode.

I wasn’t sure what this was all about, so I decided to journal about it.  I wasn’t in fear about money–uncomfortable about the unknownness of it, but definitely not in fear.  I wasn’t even in fear about doing all of the large projects that I have looming.

So, I kept going.  As I wrote about it, I could tell that what I was fearing was a story that my subconscious had made up–if I took this one commission, that is in discussion, but not on the table yet, that I would end up unhappy, making quilts that I don’t want to make.  It seems so ridulous when I actually write it out, but that was all it was.

I was able to rationally remind myself that I now ask myself with each project, if it something that I want to do.  And I listen to my physical reaction.  Energetically, I hear a yes or a no.   My brain is less reliable, in these situations.

After I was able to resolve that little baby fear, before it got bigger, or I wasted more time dithering about, I was on to  my to-do list.  I made mock-ups for the looming project and sent those off, plus several other small to-dos.

I have never resolved a fear so quickly and efficiently before.  I feel good!

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