How to Make a Quilt Sleeve

Here are simple step-by-step instructions on how to make a quilt sleeve that has space in it that allows the quilt to hang flat in the front.

Measure sleeve fabric: 9" x width of the quilt. Choose a good quality cotton, but not a batik, which is super hard to hand-sew.

Hem the 9" side, first 1/4" -1/2" hem

Then another fold, so there are no unfinished edges.

Sew down the hem on each side.

Fold sleeve in half lengthwise and iron.

Fold edges to each other along the middle, using the ironed line as a guide.

Iron and stitch on the very edge.

Sleeve prior to sewing seam.

Sew seam.

Iron seam flat.



Unfinished edges will be covered after sleeve is sewn to quilt.

Center and bring as close to the top without showing when the stick is inserted. Large spaces on top will flop when quilt is hung.


Hand sew sleeve to quilt.


Sew all 4 sides to eliminate a second place for a stick to be inserted.

Drill 3/16" hole in upper corners of stick.

Finished quilt hung on the wall.







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