Life Interruptus

Last Friday, my little family had another Life Interruptus moment.  My husband, Chuck, had his first and hopefully only, seizure.  We are getting him all checked out and will probably never really know for sure what actually caused it.  We think it was a combination of over doing it in the Texas heat and being too stressed out.  The Universe is working through our bodies….again!

The big impact of this occurrence is that Chuck can’t legally drive for six months.  This put a monkey wrench into his upcoming trip to Burbank, CA.   We are quite the symbiotic/co-dependent? pair.  He wheels me to the car and puts the wheelchair in the back and I now drive.

I came up with the idea of him waiting just one more month to go the West Coast, and then I could go with him and be his chauffeur!  He took me up on it, so moving and liquidating is on for a end of October departure date.  My logistics brain is very happy to have a fun project to work on.  If we like it out there, and decide to stay, we’ll have the stuff we keep in a storage pod, shipped out to us.

It feels so good to be moving forward again.  It feels really good to be able to be with my husband during this exciting time of his career.

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