Snugglers’ Cove

View from balcony overlooking Silver Lake shopping

Chuck and I arrived in Los Angeles on November 1, 2012 as scheduled.  Our adventure begins.  Chuck is doing contract software engineering work while he further develops his acting career.  I am also seeking employment as the foundation for my new life, which will always include art, in Los Angeles.

Our first stop on the adventure is our AirBnB abode that we have booked for our first month in here.  The house is situated on a hill in the neighborhood of Silver Lake.  The street presence is very deceiving.  This 6000 square foot house sprawls down the hill to reveal 4 levels.  We are on 3rd in a quiet, windowless trapezoid shaped room.

Tip of the Iceberg

The cat has adjusted just fine.  The humans are doing pretty good…we could use a firmer mattress….  There are six or seven rooms here that all seem to be rented out at the moment.  There are folks that have lived here for over a year as well as tourists.  We have recently met a fine group of young men from Frankfurt.  In addition, there is the  multi-generational Argentinian family that owns the house and two dogs, sadly not house-broken, that move from room to room as each gets rented.

Back of the house that dominates the hillside

This is a clear situation of you get what you pay for.  I’m describing it as a modern tenement situation with street parking, wi-fi, and thankfully, minus bed bugs.  We are able to comfortably cook in our room, as well as the kitchen upstairs.  The cooking smells provided by our microwaved falafel really reinforced the tenement idea.

We share a bathroom and the closet area.  The owners, who usually stay in our room, moved out a few items in the jam-packed corner of the room when we begged for a place to hang our clothes.  The space is quiet and we feel safe.

The big end

Chuck was pretty disappointed in our temporary digs as his expectations were much more glamorous than mine.  But he re-framed his thoughts and came up with Snugglers’ Cove after a couple of nights in the full-sized bed.  I’m OK with the place.  There are a lot of things that I find unpleasant, but I don’t feel attached to the unpleasantness;  I just notice that there are unpleasant things in my environment.  It is quite liberating.

I’m in choice to be here for the first month, since I don’t want to double pay for a space.  And I know it will be easier to find a better place for December, since we are actually in the city.  And it isn’t that bad.

The small end

This is the first time that I have moved somewhere without preconceived judgment.  The main reason for me to move here was to give my itchy feet a place to explore while allowing my husband to go deeper into his art, as I have had the chance to do in San Antonio.

In previous moves, I was going to preconceived more idealistic locations–Orlando, Austin, Denver–or the opposite when coming to San Antonio the first time from Austin.  I had ideas about the weather and traffic, but have felt really neutral about LA being a good place or bad place to live.

So, I’m here just experiencing what there is to experience here.  And choosing to be happy, satisfied, and content each day.


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