Artist Biography

Laurie Brainerd is a fiber artist who lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.  Her work represents abstractions from her spiritual journey and love of color and texture.


While Laurie has been creative her whole life, she didn’t discover the Art of Quilting until the age of 40.  She was able to dedicate several years to full-time learning during an extended “career” break from accounting.  Currently, she balances full-time Day Job with Artisthood.  She studios in a dedicated space in her home that she shares with her life partner and dog.


Brainerd studied art informally at the Southwest School of Art and in Jane Dunnewold’s Surface Design Mastery Program.  Her work has been included in many books and journals dedicated to the Art of Quilting.


Brainerd’s work has been shown in exhibitions in Texas, Minnesota, and California.  A tryptic of her work hangs predominately in the lobby of San Antonio’s Baptist Mission Trail Hospital.  Her work was featured in the marketing materials for the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft—including a billboard size banner that hung outside the building.  Brainerd has lectured and run a gallery, Fiber Artspace, in her Blue Star loft apartment.